miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2016

Give a book

Penguin Random House es una editorial bien simpática que tiene muchas subdivisiones y la particularidad de ser la casa editora de mis autores favoritos, léase John Grisham e Isabel Allende.

Para ud que no halla qué dar de Navidad, le comparto la carta que mandó Grisham a sus suscriptores, una belleza de principio a fin, al estilo 100% él.

December 2016

Dear Reader:
You’ve heard from me before about the benefits of reading: increased knowledge, expanded horizons, improved vocabulary, sharpened thinking, and enhanced empathy are a few—especially true for children.

All of those qualities are part of what makes books great gifts, but I want to share ten more fundamental reasons you should give books this holiday season.
  1. Books are easier to wrap than footballs or fruit baskets.
  2. Books don’t break.
  3. Once you’ve finished with a book, it’s not empty, in fact it’s still full!
  4. No batteries or assembly needed
  5. Books don’t make annoying noises that alarm pets or grandparents.
  6. One size fits all.
  7. No ironing or washing or maintenance of any kind required
  8. Books are non-perishable.
  9. There’s a book for everyone, even Uncle Albert, who reads only post-modern detective westerns.
  10. Giving a book shows how well you know and and how much you respect the recipient.
I know, it’s very tempting to give the hottest gadget. Before long, though, it will be lost and forgotten. When you give a book, you are offering boundless access to other worlds and other lives, real and imagined. 

The holidays are a wonderful time of year to curl up with a good book. Why not share the good cheer? Give a book—for many, many reasons the best gift under any tree.

Wishing you the very best of the season,

John Grisham

Ahora es cuando ud me va a decir que no le halla, porque no conoce qué tipo de libros hay, cof cof, Random House no lo deja perecer:

Y si de plano no, siempre hay solución, llame y pida ayuda

Recientemente fui a una librería que fácil tenía 1000 m2, así que no se haga, hay donde escoger:

Mi frase favorita de la carta de Grisham es esta: Giving a book shows how well you know and and how much you respect the recipient.
Feliz Navidad a ustedes, que no leen esto, pero recibirán un libro de mi parte esta navidad =)

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