miércoles, 14 de abril de 2010

Thoughts aloud II

Sometimes, I feel stupid doing things that don't go anywere, taking pills supposed to help me to get a personal goal, when the goal it's not only mine...and that's the problem.

Sometimes I would be just me, and don't have to wait to others to make my dreams true.

But, my unresolved dreams are just things to do with others, for others, thinking in others.

Because, the things I can do by my self, I do it, when I can, but sooner or later I do...I hate can't go forward just for waiting the time of others...when it's supposed to be the same time and the same live together

I just can't understand. No more. Not for ever.

Now and in this point is when I feel disappointed of the illusions of life.

Thank you MF, you know why. I will keep the header, the word remembers me to Girls Aloud and I like their music.

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